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Meet Portland-based fiddle teacher, Eileen Walter.
Eileen Walter | Portland Fiddler
Eileen can help you learn to play the fiddle, brush up and/or learn new techniques, and enjoy a variety of joyful tunes.

Eileen teaches basic bowing and fingering techniques, a practical approach to basic music theory, and a variety of tunes by ear, or by the use of tablature or written music.

Fiddle lessons are tailored to each student’s particular interests, goal, abilities, and learning style, and are conducted in a supportive, positive, and friendly environment.

Learning to play the fiddle is fun and rewarding for all ages and abilities!

Lessons are held at Eileen’s private studio, Extra Measure Fiddleworks in southeast Portland at 6020 SE Lexington Street, Portland, OR 97206.

She is currently accepting new students of any age and skill level. Appointments are available Monday - Friday, 8am to 8pm. Call 503-701-1578.

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Festivals, Jam Sessions, and Contests

Participation in festivals, group jams, and contests is encouraged and assistance is provided in working towards any of these goals.

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